If you are having WiFI connectivity issues, please try the below steps or solutions.

  1. Some issues occur because your smart device wants to connect to the internet, and your iGUIDE System does not have an internet connection. Your smart device may then automatically disconnect from your iGUIDE system or divert any typed browser URLs through your Mobile Data connection. (this is why the Survey IP does not work and simply loads)
    • On your device, turn on Airplane mode, then Re-enable the WiFi only, reconnect to the iGUIDE devices' WiFi and your connection should remain

    • On some devices, you may find that disabling your mobile data resolves the issue also (so that you can still take phone calls and receive SMS messages)

    • Certain OS's allow you to check a box to "Stay Connected" to the device WiFi, even though it does not have an internet connection, this can also help keep your smart device from disconnecting the WiFI.

  2. If you do not see the camera among available Wi-Fi access points and cannot connect to it, turn Wi-Fi on your smart device off and back on before you try anything else.

  3. If your connection to the camera from Survey seems to timeout, ensure your phone or tablet is still connected to the camera. It is possible that your phone or tablet connected to another access point, such as your home Wi-Fi router if it had it saved previously.

  4. If when trying to connect to the camera, you get a message about an incorrect password and you know the password was entered correctly, try forgetting the camera from your smart device’s list of Wi-Fi access points before reattempting to connect. If you do not remember the password, you will need to do a factory reset (see camera manual).
    • (iOS) Upon first receiving an "incorrect password" notification, press 'Cancel' when presented with the option to re-enter the password, reattempt to connect.
  5. If your Wi-Fi connection to the camera works but is slow, try changing the Wi-Fi channel in Survey's Manage tab to Auto.

  6. If your connection was working, but then stopped, try to return to the location in the house where it worked last and connect to the camera again and change the WiFi channel to Auto.

  7. If you want to set WiFi channel manually, the best channels are usually 1, 6 and, 11. The optimal Wi-Fi channel depends on the Wi-Fi environment in a particular location and on how many other Wi-Fi devices are transmitting on different channels at the current moment. You can use a free Android Wi-Fi Analyzer app to survey the Wi-Fi environment. Apple does not allow such apps on their devices.

  8. If you still cannot connect to the camera and are on an Android phone, try turning off cellular data.

  9. (IMS-5 only) Ensure that the DSLR built-in WiFi is disabled in the DSLR menu. If enabled, regular system WiFi will not work.