• This article explains the exclusion and inclusion of spaces from the Floor Area Calculations. The Floor Areas reported by Planitar are outlined in the Floor Areas section of the iGUIDE Drafting Standard. If a space is identified for the Planitar Drafting Team (which would normally be included by Planitar’s standards) such that it will be excluded from the Floor Area Calculations, follow the instructions below: 

  1. When editing the property data in Stitch click on the Notes button , refer to Figure 1.

  1. Place the text “Exclude” or "Include" in the space that needs to be excluded or included from the Floor Area Calculations, refer to Figure 2.

  1. Repeat this process for every space that would need to be excluded, refer to Figure 3.

  1. Once all “Exclude” or "Include" texts have been placed, proceed to export and submit the data.

Figure 1 - Planitar Stitch v6.3.3 Toolbar

Figure 2 - Exclude a space

Figure 3 - Exclude or Include multiple spaces

Figure 4 - Include a space

The Planitar Drafting Team will see the “Exclude” or "Include" text and identify those areas so that they will properly affect the Floor Area Calculations.

NOTE: These texts will not appear on the tour and will not be visible to the public. 

Affected Floor Areas

The following floor areas will be affected by identifying a space for an exclusion or inclusion:

Floor Area Information:

Interior Area, (only for floors with excluded or included areas)

Exterior Area, (only for floors with excluded or included areas)

Main Building Area Summary:

Total Interior Area Above Grade

Total Exterior Area Above Grade

For Billing Purposes:

All excluded rooms/areas will be included in the total interior area for billing purposes. The billing area will be reported under Packages and the Add-on tab on the portal.

Contact drafting@planitar.com when assistance is required for a Floor Area Calculations correction. Identify the area(s) that are being referred to, including property address, screenshots and include detailed instructions.