Planitar billable area to operators is all drafted space with very few exceptions. It accounts for the total drafting cost and every Planitar invoice includes a definition of billable area.

The billable area is a sum of interior areas of all floors (including below grade) plus all drafted spaces that may be excluded from the interior floor area totals for the purpose of property size reporting standards, such as sunrooms, crawlspaces, any rooms attached to the house that you can only access from outside and parts of rooms with sloped ceilings where the height of the room is less than 5 ft. Please note that exterior wall thickness does not affect billable area as it only affects exterior floor area.


There are drafted spaces that are both excluded from floor area totals for the purpose of property size reporting standards and also from billable area. These are the exceptions to the rule and include attached garages (main building only, in order to encourage complete floor plans), cold rooms (for historical reasons), areas open to below, and outdoor spaces such as balconies/decks/patios. 


Planitar billable area is not the same as Total Above Grade Exterior Area, or Interior Area, from the iGUIDE Report that agents use on MLS. The billable area is not provided in the iGUIDE Report to agents as each operator sets their own billing practices.


The billable area is located on the $ Package & Add-ons page (see Figure 1) and the My iGUIDEs page of the iGUIDE Portal (see Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2