Gross Living Area (GLA) is synonymous with Finished Above Grade square footage as it is defined in ANSI Z765 standard. iGUIDE supports ANSI Z765 and it can be selected in iGUIDE settings (per View setting).

For GLA reporting, download imperial floor plans. The Finished Above Grade square footage shown in floor plan details will be the GLA.

The square footage of every room and every floor is calculated automatically based on the laser measurement data produced by an iGUIDE camera system. All spaces that are Finished are shown in color on the floor plan. All spaces shown in white are Unfinished and are excluded from the GLA. Use of color makes it easy to see which part of (above grade) square footage constitutes GLA. The print versions of iGUIDE floor plans (e.g. PDF, JPG) also provide a scale bar to allow the reproduction of any measurements.