This article explains how to request an update to an iGUIDE via the iGUIDE Portal ( and lists some of the common reasons for requesting an update.

To report an error, see Reporting an Error through the iGUIDE Portal

In January of 2023, the Request an Update tool was added to the iGUIDE Portal. The new method creates a task that is directly added to the iGUIDE Drafting Team’s processing queue and allows you to upload your newly created stitch.tar file to the iGUIDE Portal, mostly eliminating the need for third-party file-sharing services and intervention by the iGUIDE Support Team. 

If you encounter an error when using the Request an Update tool, instead create a support ticket and send your request by following these instructions: (OLD) Pano Updates & Floor Plan Updates

Requesting an update to an iGUIDE:

  1. To request an update to an iGUIDE, first of all, navigate to the iGUIDE in question via the portal, and click on the iGUIDE Details button (1). See figure 1.

Figure 1 - Select your iGUIDE

  1. On the left-hand Quick Access toolbar, you will now see the option to Request an Update Select this within your iGUIDE to access the update request form. See figure 2.

Figure 2 - “Request an update” form location

  1. Once you are on the Request an Update page, you will have a number of options to select from. See Figure 3.

    1. Show iGUIDE (1) - this allows you to review the iGUIDE whilst requesting the update, as a handy reference.

    2. Request an Update (2) - see below the “How to” for examples of usage.

    3. Report an error (3) - Let us know of an error that needs correcting on your iGUIDE

Figure 3 - Request an update Step 1

  1.  When requesting an Update to your iGUIDE, you can select to provide new Stitch data, or request an update to the floor plans currently in use. When Providing new Stitch data: See figure 4.

  1. Select Yes, I have new data. (1)

  2. Supply us with the reason for uploading additional data. (2)

  3. Add some additional context to your request, describing your required changes, and upload the new Stitch.tar file. (3)

  4. If you have images that may help in specifying or clarifying your request, please provide them. (4)

Figure 4 - Providing new Stitch Data for an update request

  1. Once the data has been provided, you will be able to confirm that you have provided the correct stitch.tar file (4)

  2. To save on multiple update requests, you can also add additions to the update. (5)

  3. Once you have filled in all mandatory areas of the form, you can finish by selecting the Request Upload (6) button, you will see a dialogue appear below, showing the status of your upload. See figure 5.

Figure 5 - Providing new Stitch Data for an update request cont.

  1. When requesting an update to the iGUIDE, with no new data to add:

    1. Choose No, I do not have any additional data

    2. You are then prompted to select your update request:

      1. Premium package upgrade

      2. Xactimate ESX File creation

      3. Something Else

Figure 6 - update request type

  1. Once you are confident of your request, select the blue Request Update button. This will remain light blue until all mandatory fields are completed.

Additional information

An update request is used for the following:

  1. When supplying us with a new stitch.tar, such as:

    1. You returned to the property and wish to upload a new stitch.tar file. Some examples of this are:

      1. Aesthetic/Superficial changes, such as redecorating (non-structural).

      2. Structural/Architectural changes, such as dividing a room with a new wall, or removing a wall. Updating a Kitchen may also apply here as if your iGUIDE is premium, the kitchen representation may need updating.

      3. Extra scans were shot to add additional points of interest.

      4. You returned for exterior scans on a day when the weather was better (including drone panos).

      5. You scanned a space that was previously missed, and wish to add this to your iGUIDE.

    2. No new data has been acquired, but you have made changes to the original project data and wish to update the iGUIDE. Examples of this may be:

      1. You have edited several H1/H2 files, and wish for us to replace the images in bulk rather than using the Pano Image Replacement method.

      2. You noticed that the original position you selected for some exterior panos is no longer suitable, and you want to specify a different location for the panos.

  1. When requesting an update that does not require additional data such as:

    1. You wish to upgrade the iGUIDE from a Standard to a Premium iGUIDE

    2. You wish to request a Xactimate ESX file along with your iGUIDE

    3. Any other potential changes/requests you may have in regards to the iGUIDE, such as:

      1. You wish for a room to be divided where there is no structural definition, such as splitting a Kitchen into Breakfast and Kitchen areas.

      2. You uploaded a garage as its own floor, however, you wish to have this combined with the adjacent floor.

      3. You wish for a premium object to be changed or removed.

      4. Custom requests.